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The next stage of construction before the beginningfinishing works is the installation of electrical wires. The wiring in the house includes not only the installation of various kinds of wires, but also the installation of switches, sockets, and various automatic protection devices.


The arrangement of the switches, as a rule, shouldbe at a height (90 to 140 centimeters) from the floor in such a way that the opening door does not cover them, thereby preventing access to them. So before you determine the location of the switches, you need to figure out how and in what direction the doors will open. Posting in the house with your own hands has several important rules. One of them is that the switch disconnects only the "phase" wire, but not "zero".

Power socket

wiring in the apartment with your own hands
Today's wiring in the house determines theirlocation from the floor at a height of not more than 30 centimeters. If necessary, install them in large numbers (from three or more) in one place, for example, in the kitchen, an exception is made from the rules, and they are placed at a height of 50 to 80 centimeters. Also for the kitchen there is an exception on the number of outlets, and it is three pieces for 6 m2, for the rest of the premises - one per m2. It is strictly forbidden to install sockets far from various devices (gas stove, metal sink, radiator, etc.) by less than 50 cm. For the bathroom and toilet there is a separating transformer, which has double insulation and is installed outside these rooms.

The wiring in the house involves the installation of sockets on both sides of the partition using a through hole in them, using a parallel connection.


house wiring
Based on which lighting source you areplan to use (separating, nonseparating), determine the type of cable for it, it can be 2 or 3-wire. In order to ensure the grounding of all power consumption devices in your home, you need to use only a 3-core cable for power wiring and sockets. Accordingly, for this purpose, use also sockets with earthing contacts. Also it is necessary to remember that it is strictly forbidden to connect the earthing circuit to any metal structures of the room, to the radiators of heating. The three-core cable has a color coded for each wire, yellow-blue indicates that this wire is intended for grounding.

Protective circuit breaker

Wiring at home
The wiring in the house also includes installationelectric shield, which is designed to accommodate protection automatons. It is mandatory to use several protective devices that will have their own power circuits. They should be separate, in other words speaking, separately for sockets, switches. It is also recommended to have separate protective devices for appliances with high capacity (electric stove, boiler, etc.).

Posting in the apartment with your own hands seems a complicated process, but if you follow the advice and follow all the rules, you can easily succeed.

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