How to make a poster with chocolates and inscriptions yourself?

Tired of standard greeting cards? Do you want to make an original and inexpensive present? Or maybe you want to supplement the main gift with something special? Then try making a poster with chocolates and inscriptions with your own hands. This is a very fun and exciting activity. Most importantly - this poster will be unique for the gifted.

Types of sweet posters

  • Poster. Usually is made from Whatman. Good that you can hang on the wall.
  • A poster-book. Whatman folds in half in the form of a postcard. You can make sweets not only "inside" the poster, but also the cover.

poster with chocolates and inscriptions with own hands

  • Organizer. It looks like a poster-book. The basis is taken by a dense folder. Decorated to taste with cardboard, paper, cloth. Such an organizer can be nicely put on the table.
  • Geometric. This is a poster or book made in the form of something. For example, in the form of a heart. As a gift, such posters with chocolates and inscriptions to the husband, the wife, the girl, the guy, that is the second half, will perfectly suit them.

What should be a poster with sweets for design

The poster should be bright and colorful, regardlessfrom the age of the recipient. After all, such a gift is a great opportunity to remember the charms of a carefree childhood. Use all available materials. It is not necessary to be an artist to draw such a poster. Take photos, clippings from magazines and newspapers, stickers, sequins, print text and pictures on the printer. A poster with chocolates and inscriptions, made with your own hands, must contain the name of the gifted person. Large inscriptions such as "Congratulations" or "Happy birthday" can be put in small candy.

how to make a poster with chocolates and inscriptions

Sweets can be accompanied by wishes orjokes. It is important to focus on the recipient. Especially neat it is necessary to be with inscriptions of a humorous nature, so as not to offend a person. Below you will find lists with the name of the presents and a phrase that can be beaten.

Ideas for inscriptions to sweet presentations

  • "Twix" - "sweet couple" or the desire to find the second half.
  • "Snickers" - do not slow down life.
  • "Mars" - "everything will be in chocolate" or the desire to visit this planet.
  • "Bounty" - that life was a paradise pleasure. If the poster is made for the second half, then you can write in a different way: "Next to you I experience heavenly delight."
  • Egg "Kinder" - let life be filledpleasant surprises. Such an inscription perfectly fits into the posters with chocolates and inscriptions friend or friend. If the recipient is the second half, then with the help of "Kinder" you can hint at the soon appearance of children.
  • Candy with cognac - "let happiness intoxicate."
  • Chocolates in the form of money - "let life be in abundance."
  • "Skitls" - pills for happiness (antidepressants).

posters with chocolates and inscriptions friend

How to beat other presents

  • Chewing gum - "let the head be full of fresh solutions."
  • Pharmacy grass is a succession - from allergies to happiness.
  • Pharmacy chamomile grass - to increase stress resistance.
  • Fast food macaroni - "hunger is not my aunt"!
  • Tablet against the hangover - "the morning does not happen kindly."
  • A bag of loose coffee - "the alarm clock should be soft, but invigorating."
  • Juice "My family" - here even words are superfluous. Such presents can simply be glued on posters with chocolates and inscriptions to mom or dad.

What materials are needed to create a poster

  • Chocolates, sweets and other goods (wafers in the package, glazed curds, coffee bags, dragees in the package, etc.).
  • Whatman (cardboard, thick paper or folder).
  • Glue PVA ("Moment", a hot gun or double-sided adhesive tape).
  • A simple pencil.
  • Eraser.
  • Color markers (markers, paints). Or the text can be printed on the printer.
  • Scissors.
  • Other decorative elements as desired (cut-outs from magazines, rhinestones, satin ribbons, etc.)
  • Fantasy and the desire to please.

How to start creating a poster with chocolates and inscriptions with your own hands

You can go in two ways: pre-write a list of goods, come up with interesting phrases and only then go to the store or first buy a variety of goodies, and already in the process of fantasizing and writing text. Ideas themselves will come to mind. For inspiration, you can see the finished works of other masters or the examples shown in the photos in this article.

posters with chocolates and inscriptions to my mother

Estimating the scale of the work, you can go to the store for a paper in the appropriate format. It is better to buy a large poster and cut it if necessary, than a small one, on which little will fit.

Instructions: how to make a poster with chocolates and inscriptions

  • When all the goodies, other products for the poster and the materials are collected, you can proceed to the creative process. For convenience, it's better to lay out everything on a floor or a large table. Now it's time to evaluate the purchases.
  • Put the paper in front of you and lay it onit's goodies and other interesting things. Move the items as needed until the result suits you. If you come up with ideas for writing accompanying phrases, then be sure to write them down. Do not rely on memory, because then you will forget them.
  • On the other sheet, write down how you are all laid out, or just take a picture.
  • Think about the design: what will be the background, how can you fill the empty space.
  • Estimate how many places there are for phrases. The text should not be small, especially if you are making a large poster with chocolates and inscriptions yourself, rather than a small organizer folder.

posters with chocolates and inscriptions to her husband

  • Color the background, if necessary. We let it dry.
  • We paste presents and printed wishes. If you want to write the text by hand, then do it carefully. Otherwise, the recipient, rather than rejoicing, will disassemble what he has written. Observe the height and slope of the letters, this will help the ruler. If you are not confident in your abilities, first draw with a simple pencil, and then paint. For expressiveness, large phrases can be circled with a black marker.
  • Fill the voids with colors or beautiful pictures.

The greeting poster is ready!

How to give a "tasty" poster

  • Arrange a surprise. Made a poster with chocolates and inscriptions for your loved one just leave it in a conspicuous place. The addressee himself will find a gift.
  • If you want to present a present duringfeast, then hand the poster when everyone is assembled. The culprit of the celebration let him read his wishes. Such a gift can be made in advance together with all the guests.
  • Surprise in delivery. Ask a friend to play a messenger and present a present. Or you can order delivery. This is especially true if the recipient does not live close to you, and you do not have the opportunity to congratulate yourself. Usually parcels intrigue people when they do not expect them.

Poster with chocolates and inscriptions for your beloved

Before you go for another postcard fromstandard and impersonal wish, think that a person will be more pleased not by buying in a hurry, but a present made with love specially for him.

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