Fashionable detail - waist bag

Waist bags are stylish and practical.The accessory allows you to carry everything you need with you, without taking up your hands. However, the popularity that hit the bag twenty years ago, played a bad joke. The belt bag has become a cheap accessory of a sporting style. Although this model was the basis of the empire of bags, which exists at the moment and pleases its buyer so much variety.

Bag-belt - a gift of the ancient Egyptians

waist bag

As mentioned above, it's the purse on the beltis considered the progenitor of a modern bag. In ancient times, this accessory existed in a single form: a tied bag, attached to the belt and hidden in the folds of clothing. This fact refers to the Middle Ages, although there is evidence of the existence of bags in ancient Egypt.

Everything has changed after the revolution that raged in France in the early 19th century. First, the bag was unhooked from the belt and carried in the hands, later it was supplemented with a shoulder strap.

Eighties of the last century were markeda cult of bright colors, often rejecting the naturalness of clothing and accessories. Gloss, acidity, fashion aggression just conquered the younger generation. At the forefront came convenience, pushing the backyard style and elegance. The bag again moved to the belt.

men's waist bag

The belt bag was very popularat the peak of the nineties, then became disliked, tasteless and simply forgotten. The variety of vinyl, synthetic and dermatine models available to any fashionista made an unclaimed bag on the belt and gave it to the sporting style as a convenient, sometimes necessary wardrobe item.

2010 was the moment of its revival, whenthe largest fashion houses breathed a second life into this accessory. It was at this time that the true beauty and convenience of the model opened. In addition, the men's belt bag became popular as well. Modern design, quality of the material, convenience, stylishness and practicality made such a bag an image male accessory.

Beautiful and comfortable

What causes the bag on the belt?Most importantly - with free hands. Of course, there are other models, which, for example, are worn on the shoulder. However, they never managed to replace the modestly sitting on the waist baby.

An accessory is attached to the belt or it is equipped withbelt, chain. The big plus of this bag is that things are not lost in it. And the answer is faster than the phone will stop ringing. Do not hide the bag under your clothes, and hang your model on your shoulder strap. A belt bag is a kind of purse that you always feel.

belt bag

The most common and convenient option -sports bag. After all, its production did not stop even when the whole world turned from the bag to the belt. Sports option, regardless of fashion, was always needed for bike rides, morning jogs and hikes.

So it was and always will be: a woman will refuse a pair of shoes, save on a blouse, but will be pleased with the purchase of a brand new handbag. After all, the bag is not just an accessory, it's femininity, a look at life, character, and it's simply impossible to do without it!

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