"Sebacil" 50%: instruction manual for pets

Any animals on the farmstead, starting from homepets and ending with agricultural species, requires regular treatment of parasites. The absence of planned measures for the prevention and treatment of infection leads to the fact that parasites reproduce. As a result, the animals begin to ache. Today we want to tell you about the popular drug "Sebacil" 50%. Instructions for use tell us that this is an emulsion for the destruction of ectoparasites in animals.

sebacil 50 user manual


Let's understand together what exactlyprovides such efficiency of this tool. To date, many veterinary surgeons recommend using Sebacil 50% for processing animals. Instructions for use indicate that the composition of this drug contains the substance Foksim. More precisely, per 100 ml of solution there is 50 g of foxim.

What it is?It is a contact poison that acts on all parasites without exception. The result is an irreversible inhibition of cholinesterase activity. As a consequence, the drug causes impairment of the transmission of nerve impulses in the parasite, which leads to paralysis and death.

There is another important plus, which wascause of high popularity of the drug "Sebacil" 50%. The instructions for use emphasize its highest acaricidal and insecticidal efficacy combined with low toxicity for mammals. That is, for our smaller brothers, the drug is not as dangerous as it is for parasites, which can not be said for many other substances of a similar action.

sebacil 50 instructions for use 10 ml

Product description

What the product looks like and what it is"Sebacil" 50%? Instructions for use describe it as a solution for the destruction of ectoparasites in animals. It is a clear, oily liquid with a specific odor. The color may vary from light yellow to brown, depending on the time that the preparation was carried on the shelf. The effectiveness of this does not change.

Indications for use

A drug is used to kill scabiesticks and lice, as well as fleeces, fleas and larvae of a meatfly. It is characterized by the highest efficiency. It can be used to treat cattle, sheep and pigs. Below we will describe the features of the application for each of these groups. Most importantly, the drug is practically non-toxic to animals.

Features of use

Two methods are used: ablution orSpraying. For large animals, the first method is more suitable, for poultry the second method. The drug is not allowed to be used in conjunction with other agents directed against ectoparasites. Between their use should take at least 10 days.

In any veterinary clinic today you can buySebacil 50%. Instructions for use 10 ml of active substance suggests dilution in 10 liters of water. This is how the optimal concentration is reached, safe for animals and deadly for parasites.

sebacil 50 instructions for use for chickens

Individual processing

For pets it is recommendeduse "Sebacil" 50%. Instructions for use for dogs recommend placing the animal in a large basin or a bath and using a sponge to treat the body. Be sure to leave the solution in the eyes and mouth. To do this, you can wear a special cap. But the ears and neck should be carefully processed. Be sure to perform treatment in a ventilated room, or even better - in an open area. After treatment, the dog is wiped with a tissue napkin, the remains of the composition are not washed off. The poison decays itself for several hours.

Treatment of cats

These gentle creatures require more cautiousrelationship, since their body is more susceptible to such drugs. However, if the animal suffers from scabies, it has lice or ixodid mites, if the body has wounds affected by fly larvae, then it is best to use "Sebacil" of 50%. Instructions for use for cats indicate that the cat must be redeemed once in the working solution.

Now the most difficult thing:cats are very clean and will lick themselves, which can lead to poisoning. It is very important not to allow this. For this, a cone is made of cardboard and fastened to the collar at the neck of the animal. After complete drying, you can remove this design and allow the pet to do his toilet.

sebacil 50 instructions for use for dogs


In this case, there may be different options.When individually treated, each animal is immersed in a bath with a solution, and all parts of the body that are not immersed in it should be treated with a sponge. However, if you have a large farm, it will be a laborious process, so a spraying option is used more often. The working solution is pumped into sprayers of any kind and with its help moistens the entire body of the animal. Do not leave unnoticed and stall animals. Walls and flooring, litter - all this is the source of infection.

sebacil 50 instructions for use for cats

Emulsion consumption during spraying

To process one cow according to the instructions will go awayabout 3-5 liters, for a sheep - about 2 liters. The average dog goes from 0.5 to 1 liter. All livestock must be treated, otherwise the repetition of the infection process is inevitable. Most of all there will be an expense for the treatment of the premises. And the drug can be used at home, for example, if fleas are seen in the carpet. But most often these are places of keeping animals on the street: booths, cages and stalls.

For agricultural birds

Also widely used "Sebacil" 50%.Instructions for use for chicken emphasizes that this is the most reliable of all modern drugs, which helps get rid of all the parasites living on the bird immediately. At the same time, it is possible to simultaneously process in one room the processing of poultry, roosts and nests, and then thoroughly ventilate the room.

Processing does not take much time, butefficiency it surpasses all available analogs. Therefore, almost all modern poultry farms use "Sebacil" 50%. Instructions for use for birds confirms its proven safety, treatment does not affect the behavior of the bird. It is extremely important to carefully treat all premises, cracks and fences, as well as equipment, in order to avoid re-invasion.

sebacil 50 instructions for birds

additional information

Usually the drug is well tolerated, howeverIn some cases severe poisoning is observed. This may be the result of individual intolerance. Symptoms may include diarrhea or sweating, spasms or ataxia. In severe cases, dyspnea develops. It is recommended that atropine sulfate be administered as part of first aid. Shelf life of the drug is 3 years. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

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