How to wear a tie clip?

Tie clip is a stylish maleaccessory along with watches, strap and cufflinks. A man who watches over his appearance is simply obliged to have things that emphasize his status. This useful accessory (besides status indicator) is also a great helper.

Where did this accessory come from?

Historical evidence suggests thatthe clamps are required to the Chinese nobility. It was in China that the tradition of tying a silk scarf around the neck and pinning it up with a pin was born. Then the cravat and clip moved to France. Here, as expected from the French jewelers, the fashion for pins and clips began. French courtiers, who love chic and glitter, decorated their clothes with hairpins for a cravat with a lot of precious stones. The prices of these masterpieces were truly exorbitant, but the nobles could not stop anything, because the beauty of the pins was striking in its pretentiousness.

English conciseness

Many clamps

Saved the situation the British, famous for hisrestraint and refined taste. At the end of the 19th century, clips appeared in this country, very much resembling in their appearance those models that are widely used today and are a triumph of men's taste and style. The fact is that just at that very time the designers offered English models of narrow models neckties, and with the help of a clip created from a metal plate bent in two, a narrow tie was fixed where it was supposed to be.

Wearing a tie clip

With brooch

Using it, you will be protected fromof many troubles associated with the free movement of an unsecured element of your costume. Your favorite tie will not squeeze through the doors of the subway in a gust of draft. You do not dip it on the plate during a business lunch. With a suddenly rising wind, one does not have to swing one's arms, trying to catch a soaring tie. In any unforeseen situation, it will be reliably fixed and will not allow you to "fall" into your appearance, behavior and, accordingly, status.

How to wear a tie clip correctly?

With the clock

Want to be stylish and look presentable? First of all, you need to get a good shirt and tie, things should be carefully ironed. Remember the small secrets of how to wear and wear this accessory:

  1. The most important thing you need to learn forever -a tie clip can not exceed the width of your tie with its length. There should be no bulging parts, as this will tell about your sheer bad taste.
  2. The clip is not only worn directly on the tie itself: first of all, its task is to fasten the tie to the shirt.
  3. Count three buttons from the throat and in the place where there is a gap between the third and fourth, fasten a clip for a tie.
  4. Became the happy owner of a clip with a chain andring, fixed on this chain, but confused and do not understand how to put a clip in this case? Remember: the first thing a ring is put on a button, and only then the shirt fastens - the chain is securely fastened.
  5. Cufflinks and tie clip mustbe in the same style. However, the watch, bracelet and ring should also be perfect for your set. Accessories made of different precious metals, put on together, will ruin your reputation worse than a tie that “bathed” in the soup. Probably, there is nothing more dreadful for a business partner than to notice that your tie clip is silver and the cufflinks or ring of gold.
  6. The accessory is worn smoothly, parallel to the horizon line. A crooked clamp in a pathetic attempt to hold onto your tie looks untidy.
  7. Slightly pull the tie up to the resulting almost imperceptible wave made it convenient to wear a shirt and tie, fastened with a clip.

Three types of tie clip design

Bright tie
  • Clip crocodile tie - the mostpopular model. Strengthens a tie to a shirt by the principle of an ordinary clothespin. The lower part of it is equipped with teeth, which allow the best way to hold a tie. Such a fashionable element is a suitable model for a wide tie. He is also good because he will not ruin your expensive tie, tightening it and leaving ugly dents.
  • Clamp without teeth (smooth). To some extent, he may not hold the tie so well, however, the so-called "tie-ribbons" this look is best suited. They need to be used carefully, especially when removing an accessory from a tie. If this model is made of cheap metals, it can leave traces in the place of contact with the materials of the shirt and the tie itself.
  • Tie clip with chain and ring. The model is worn with fixation ring chain on the shirt button. This type of clamp has a very small chance of inadvertently losing when slipping from your tie. You can purchase a clip with a large noticeable chain, or vice versa, a less visible option. The manufacturer tries to supply expensive tie clips for good purposes - so that you don’t lose an expensive accessory.

Where can I buy?

Perhaps, before reading this article, you andsuspected of the importance of this jewelry, and now thought about where to buy a status accessory. When it comes to expensive models, for example, a gold tie clip can always be purchased at a jewelry store. Women should not forget about this version of the gift, especially when on the eve of the holidays already do not know what to present to the beloved man. If you know the taste and style of your man, then you can choose a decent option for him. The silver tie clip option is also a great idea! It can also be found in any jewelry department. Watch the man you want to make happy with this fashion accessory. See what he prefers to wear, gold or silver?

Kit with cufflinks

Stylish hairpin for male accessory

Perhaps you did not even know thatAll the usual clips, there are also hairpins for ties. The accessory is created as a pin and is attached to the tie with a puncture. If you choose a hairpin, remember that it should not be worn smoothly, but with a slight inclination. Easy negligence in this case does not spoil the general impression about the man.

In conclusion, some more tips

Silver and tie

So, how to wear a tie clip? Some practical tips:

  • If under the jacket you intend to wear a vest, then there is no need for a tie clip. The same applies to the case when you wear a thin knitted sweater.
  • Inexpensive clamp does not need to deliberately stick out on public display - this is considered a move. Better to hide him under the jacket.
  • Do not use a clip for ties screaming motley tones or with geometrically diverse patterns.
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