Pig breeds

Pig is the second animal, which after the dog was domesticated by man. She began to breed them not only because of delicious meat, but also bristles, bones and skins.

This happened about seven thousand years ago in Egypt.

In our country in the pre-revolutionary yearspig production stood at the most primitive level of development, almost no tribal work was carried out with these pets. And it was only in some landed estates that breeding was carried out, completely ignoring the local breeds of pigs.

And only since 1918 breeding pig productionhas moved from a dead center. Already since 1923, pigs began to be imported from England, which played a fundamental role in the development of domestic pig production. Mostly they were animals of a large white variety. Large-scale selection work began.

Specialists sought to create such pigsbreeds that would be superior in biological characteristics, productivity, useful economic qualities and adaptability to given fodder and natural conditions to those animals that already existed in the region.

The new breeds of pigs had to meet the following requirements:

  • have greater vitality and have a strong constitution;
  • to compete in all economic indicators with a bred in a given locality;
  • have a stable heredity, which, with unrelated intrapartic breeding, will make it possible to obtain a large number of breeding stock - families and lines.

Livestock breeders know that within each breed of pigs there are several species of animals, and by selecting between the right types, you can make a change in the right direction.

Today, there are more than 100 species worldwidepigs. In Russia, the most common are: white large, white Lithuanian, white Lapshin, Ukrainian white steppe, Livenskaya, Mirgorodskaya, Landras, Kalinkinskaya, etc.

Domestic pigs in their biological characteristics - resistance to diseases, fortresses of the constitution, fitness for local climate and fodder - far exceed foreign ones.

According to their production type, pigs are classified into meat-greasy, greasy and bacon.

Meat breeds of pigs - duroc, landrace, temvors, Estonian bacon, Urzhum - till 6 months grow very actively, they have nutritious and tender meat. It is from them that such a popular bacon is prepared.

Unlike bacon, the meat-and-bog species - Ukrainian steppe, Latvian white, Livenskaya, Polish-Chinese, Breitovskaya, North-Caucasian - are distinguished by a high average daily gain.

The sebaceous rocks are Mirgorod, large black,Berkshire and Mangalick - complete the growth of muscle tissue at a young age, and then they begin to intensify saloobrazovanie. During the year the owner can have an offspring from the sow, giving after fattening up to two or three tons of meat.

Porcine formation continues today. Based on the requirements of buyers, breeders change the directions of productivity of different breeds, creating new ones. For example, due to the fact that the demand for tender pork meat is increasing, now work is being carried out not only to improve the meat qualities of local breeds, but also to create completely new varieties.

Pigs are smart enough animals,sometimes they learn even better than cats and dogs. That is why in recent years dwarf decorative rocks - mini-piigas, which can be kept at home - have gained immense popularity. And the French with the help of specially trained individuals are looking for such an expensive mushroom as a truffle.

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