DSG-7 clutch replacement. Transmission DSG-7

The robotic DSG-7 transmission systemwas released in 2006. The system is a robotic mechanical seven-speed transmission. This transmission is characterized by the presence of two dry clutches and two primary shafts. The purpose of creating this box - combining the economy of manual transmission and comfort from the classic automaton, the tat as the "robots" with the same clutch that existed at that time did not completely satisfy the constantly increasing requirements. The gears here are switched without breaking the torque feed, that is, without setting to neutral. This is the main advantage of automatic transmission. The given box is established on cars of concern VAG - "Audi", "Volkswagen", "Skoda" and others. Since the basis of the mechanical transmission lies, then periodically it is necessary to change the clutch. Let's see how the replacement of the clutch is carried out on the DSG-7, what is needed and it is possible to perform the replacement process with one's own hands.

Feature of the "robot" DSG

The peculiarity of this box is that, except for twoThere are also two volumes of oil in it. The first serves the mechatronic DSG-7, which controls the operation of the mechanism. The second is intended for a mechanical gearbox.

dsg 7 clutch replacement
If on the manual gear clutch is clamped by designsprings, and when you press the pedal it dissolves and the moment on the driving wheels is not transmitted, then everything is exactly the opposite. While the mechatronic DSG-7 does not provide the appropriate signal, the clutches are not connected to the flywheel and can rotate freely. As soon as the signal is applied, a special piston will act on the plug that clamps the disc. The clutch element will be pressed only if there are no oil leaks in the system.

Coupling in the DSG-7 is a separate, non-separable and non-repairable block. If a replacement is required, the mechanism is already assembled with adjusted and ready-to-install discs.

About the clutch

Preselective robotic DSG-7 from VAG andLUK company in the automotive market has already become practically synonymous with innovative solutions, but not only them. As you know, around these boxes there was a lot of noise, which is associated with some erroneous design decisions. VAG took more than six years to make this checkpoint work properly. Now the transmission is really stable. And the number of people turning to services with clutch failure, fell sharply.

repair dsg 7
The fault of frequent box faults is notonly the mistakes of engineers. Many drivers simply do not know how to handle the new dual-clutch. But this is quite a complex node, which has certain rules of operation. The price of a full replacement will be 100-250 thousand rubles. Repair DSG-7 will be cheaper. This figure essentially beats on a pocket, therefore many motorists who know a little about automobile repair, try to change coupling independently. And although this checkpoint is a complex engineering solution, it is based on the usual mechanical gearbox, albeit modernized. So, on DSG-7 replacement of coupling by own hands is possible.

Self-replacement: what is needed for this?

On an independent replacement, many are decided afterhow the car left its warranty period and repair from an official dealer for free became impossible. After all, such serious post-guarantee work will be very expensive.

If the car owner still decided to tryperform an independent replacement after the diagnosis, he must understand that this procedure is not free, although much cheaper. The first thing to do is to purchase a LUK kit. This is a dual-clutch DSG-7. The price of the kit is on average 25 thousand rubles.

Tool set

Then you should buy a set of specialtools directly to replace the clutch on boxes of this type. Its cost is already much higher and is about 90 thousand rubles. This is quite a serious amount. If the price of the tool does not stop, then with this toolbox it will be possible to perform a full range of work even without instructions, the Internet and technical regulations. In the set from LUK, a disk is included, on which there is a detailed instruction for performing the operation. The kit will serve its owner for a long time, although its value will still remain high and unjustified.

oil in carton dsg 7
The SAC tool kit will be releasedmuch cheaper, although the tools in it are smaller. But the price is 15 thousand rubles. Some craftsmen may well do without a special tool. You just need to pick up the keys suitable for the box. Although experts do not welcome this approach, since the repair of the DSG-7 is a serious matter.

The list of works on the replacement of the clutch

If the price of the instrument does not stop and allnecessary already purchased, you can proceed to work. The whole process is divided into several main stages. The first thing to do is to dismantle the checkpoint. This will help the hanging mechanism. With it, you can fasten the system before starting to unscrew its fasteners. Then it is recommended to check the oil level. If there are streaks, you should top up the oil in the DSG-7 box or replace it.

mechatronics dsg 7
Then use the tools in the kitremove the clutch mechanism. During the dismantling work, be sure to note that the adjusting ring can be either above or below the release bearing. It depends on the model of the clutch mechanism.

Then you need to clean and wipe thoroughlyoutput shaft. For cleaning, it is better to use a product that does not contain solvents or other aggressive substances. Remains of grease should be left on the splines of the input shaft. Then check the stuffing box for any stains.

Selection of adjusting rings

The new parts are installed in the reverse order. On the squeeze bearing, install the thinnest ring. Its size is 2.8 mm. If there are difficulties in the process of pulling the installation gages, you need to install a second ring in thickness. Rings are picked up until the element will not easily pass through the ring.

clutch dsg 7 price
If everything is done correctly, the caliber will move to0.1 mm. The selection of the adjusting ring is made with respect to the individual adhesion tolerance. These tolerances can be read on the clutch on the power unit side. Depending on the sign specified in the tolerances, it is necessary to subtract or add the size of the tolerance from the thickness of the ring. For example, the nominal thickness of the washer is 2.0 mm. The tolerance is +0.2 mm. Then the final size of the washer will be 2.2 mm.


Installation begins with the thinnest ring. It is put on the small pressure bearing of the second clutch. Actions on the selection of rings are repeated here. The correctness of the installation is checked by a special caliber. The final process of selecting a ring must be in accordance with the tolerances. But now take into account the second parameter.

dsg 7
The shaft is lubricated with oil. It's worth to be careful not to lubricate the discs. Otherwise, the clutch will constantly skid. The torque in this situation is not fully transmitted or jerky. Then measure the distance between the upper edge of the bearing ring and the smooth surface of the shaft. This distance should not be more than 8 mm. Then press the shaft. The crimping process can be stopped when the lock ring is visible in one of the bushing holes. At the end, the stopper is installed with the narrow part upwards.

The need for adaptation

This is all about the mechanical part. But for DSG-7, clutch replacement is not just physical work. It takes time to adapt the new mechanism. This process can be carried out at home using a special software and diagnostic cable. And only after this, start full-fledged operation.

So, we found out how the DSG-7 replacing the clutch with your own hands.

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