Opel Astra H: the fuse block. "Opel Astra N": the layout of the relay and fuses.

On vehicles "Opel Astra N" blocksfuses play a very important role in protecting the vehicle from fire due to a sudden increase in voltage. Therefore, some information about their location, functioning and device will be very useful for the car enthusiast.

Fuse block "Opel Astra H": purpose and device

Electric car equipment playsimportant enough role in the functioning of the entire vehicle. The work of headlights, ignition systems, instrument panel lights, car cigarette lighter and radio cassette depends on the serviceability of the electrical wiring of the car.

fuse block for Opel Astra

As noted earlier, the fuse blockIt is designed to protect the car from fire with a sudden increase in voltage. The fuses take impact on themselves and are disposable. A blown fuse must be replaced immediately. The fuse blocks can be installed in the passenger compartment or under the hood of the vehicle.

It is worthwhile to understand that each manufacturing companycars installs the fuse blocks individually: on the model "Opel Astra N", for example, they are located under the hood and in the cabin (next to the car cigarette lighter). However, this element can be installed in absolutely any part of the car: trunk, hood or salon. In trucks there are about four or five fuse blocks.

At each vehicle locationsafety blocks individually: in order to find the safety blocks on a particular model of the car, it is necessary to refer to the operational documentation of the vehicle.

The fuse block "Opel Astra H" consists of a variety of relays and directly fuses. Each element is responsible for protecting one or another component of the vehicle.

On many models of the car "Opel Astra N"usually two safety blocks are installed: one under the hood (driver's side), the other is located in the luggage compartment and is under the outer cover, also on the driver's side. The arrangement of the components of the blocks, as well as the circuit, differs depending on the equipment of the car. Such an arrangement is typical for the fuse block Opel Astra N 2011 and 2010 release.

Therefore for owners of these models of the car process of replacement of details will be approximately identical. After all, the fuse blocks "Opel Astra N" 2010 without changes moved to the newest model of the car.

Fuse Block Opel Astra n 2008

Preparation for "intervention" in the safety block

Before you start searching for the fuse box,it is necessary to muffle the power unit and turn off the ignition by moving the key to the OFF position. This should be done to prevent electric shock or the closure of the fuse block "Opel Astra H" 2008, 2010, 2011, 2007, 2006 release. Well, avoiding these consequences will save the vehicle from a fire.

Since there is a fuse box disassemblyrisk of closing the contacts with a screwdriver, you must strictly observe the safety precautions. Also, do not disassemble the details, if before there was no experience with such a breakdown of the car. It is cheaper and easier to drive a car to specialists for a thorough and thorough inspection.

How do I open the fuse box?

Open the lid conveniently with a screwdriver. On the left side there are clamps in the number of two pieces. The process of opening the cover of the fuse block Opel Astra N 2007 and the car of other years of production is as follows:

  • a screwdriver is inserted into the slot that is located between the clip and the lid;
  • clamp slightly bends, then you should lift the lid;
  • a similar operation is performed with the second clamp;
  • the lid is placed vertically.

If you do all these operations, you can easily remove the cover, it will only be slightly pulled up.

Fuse Block "Opel Astra N" 2006The release consists of two parts. Therefore, the disassembly process looks slightly different. The cover is removed from the unit for mounting relays and fuses. To remove it, press on the internal clamps. After the same way (pulling up), the lid is removed, thus opening access to the main fuses, which are placed in a row.

Fuse Block Opel Astra 2007

It should be noted that the fuse block for"Opel Astra N" in 2007 also consists of two parts. And this model of the car is the last one on which such a detail was installed. The fuse block "Opel Astra H" in 2008 and subsequent years of production - one-piece, is not divided into parts.

Decoding of the fuse box

After the lid was dismantled, the gazeopens the "bonnet" fuse block "Opel Astra H" 2008 and other years of production, which are installed an integral part. An open safety block is an ordered arrangement of fuses and relays. Each element is able to withstand a certain amount of electricity, and is also responsible for the devices of the car.

For the convenience of identification, each fuse has its own color, depending on how much current is available to it. Proceeding from this, the pinout of the fuse block "Opel Astra N" is added.




3 A


7.5 A


5 A


15 A


10 A


20 A

Green A

30 A


30 A

Green B

40 A


25 A

Relay and fuse layout indifferent models of cars with different trim levels will differ. Therefore, before the intervention you need to make sure that the existing scheme is suitable for your car "Opel Astra N".

decoding of the Opel Astra fuse block

"Distribution" of the relay and fuses: the first type of equipment

The fuse block, on the "Opel Astru N" installed, with the basic equipment of the car protects a number of important elements from failure as a result of a sudden voltage jump.

Anti-lock fuses are capable ofwithstand from 20 to 30 amperes; climate control, as well as the system responsible for heating and ventilation of the car's saloon space, withstand about 30 amperes. The fan working in a complex of parts of the cooling system is protected by a fuse that can withstand 30 to 40 amperes. The central lock can withstand 20 amperes.

It is worth noting that the list aboveIt does not fully reflect all the car systems that are protected by fuses. In order to know the complete list, it is necessary to carefully study the technical documentation of the car.

Rear fuse block "Opel Astra N"

As mentioned earlier, there is a "Opel Astre H"two safety blocks: in front, in the engine compartment of the car, and in the trunk. On the fuses and the trunk relay there are some signs that require decoding:

  • Heated rear window - КЗ Х131.
  • Terminal 15a - K2 X131.
  • Terminal 15 - К1 Х131.

The complete decoding of the fuse block "Opel Astra H" is found in the technical documentation of the vehicle.

Fuse Block Opel Astra n 2006

Fuse box in the trunk

The fuse box in the trunk "Opel Astra N"is in its left side. In the auto with the body type of the hatchback, it is possible to reach the block by performing the following actions: the locking elements of the round shape are loosened, then the lid is lowered. In the sedan is a small lid, equipped with two handles. You need to pull for them, detach the clamps, and lift the lid up.

As with the bonnet, the vehicle, which is fully equipped, is equipped with the largest and most complex safety unit.

How to diagnose the operability of fuses?

Often the car starts with problems withelectrical equipment, as well as with ignition. One of the causes of the faults is the failure of the fuses. However, before you climb into the safety box and check the fuses for the fact of operation, it is necessary to check other possible malfunctions: perhaps the problem is in a worn out battery or a burnt out bulb.

At present fuses withtransparent body. Thanks to him, you can immediately determine whether the work item is or not. If the fusible part of the fuse is melted, then such a device must be replaced immediately. However, on some fuses this is difficult to see, so you should also use a device that will accurately determine if the fuse has failed or not.

When checking the operability of the fuses, it is necessary to observe a certain algorithm that will save considerable time and effort:

  1. Visual inspection of the fuse.
  2. Use a tester and an indicator to determine the operability of the fuse.
  3. If the indicator light and the short-circuit indication are triggered, the fuse should be put in place: it is working.
  4. If nothing happens during the test, the fuse must be replaced.

The check by the indicator and the tester is also carried out in a certain sequence:

  • Remove the fuse from the socket and clean its contacts.
  • Read the instructions of the indicator and the tester beforecheck, in accordance with the instructions, connect the fuse contacts. When an indicator appears that reports a short circuit, it can be concluded that the fuse is operable. When checking the operating fuse, the indicator on the device should light up the lamp.
  • Install a new fuse in place of the burned one. The main condition for replacement is the fact that the characteristics of the new fuse must comply with the recommendations of the automaker.

If you do not have a special device at your fingertips, you can always drive the car for an off-schedule inspection. Specialists can say with certainty whether replacement of old fuses is really necessary.

What if the problem is not in the fuses?

If the checks showed that the fusesworkable, and the performance of automotive systems has not recovered, then you should conduct a full diagnosis of the vehicle in a specialized service center.

Fuse Block Opel Astra n 2010

Self-interference in other systemscar can lead to serious enough damage: then it will require a major overhaul. Many motorists, wanting to save money on service inspection and maintenance, trying to figure out the car breakdown on their own, only lose a lot of time, and also face huge cash costs.

Precautions for replacing fuses

When there is everything necessary to ensure thatindependently to find out the reason of malfunction of a car, it is necessary to be extremely accurate at intervention in the block of safety locks. After all, their replacement implies compliance with a number of precautions:

  1. Before opening the cover of the safety block, turn off the engine and switch off the ignition.
  2. All operations should be done carefully.
  3. The fuses are carefully removed.
  4. Do not rely only on a visual inspection of the fuse, it must also be checked by instruments.
  5. Before self-diagnosis and replacement of fuses, you should carefully study the information about what kind of fuse is responsible for what.
  6. The new fuse must meet the requirements and recommendations of the car manufacturer, which are made to the technical parameters of the device.

The above precautionary measures will allownot only "bloodlessly" repair the car and replace the failed fuses, but also to protect the repairman from electric shock, and the car - from fire. Ignoring the above recommendations can cause ignition of the vehicle wiring, as well as serious damage from electricity.

At the same time, we should not ignorepostpone the replacement of burnt fuses. If you drive with faulty fuses, then at the next power surge there is a great risk that the car systems that have been left without protection will fail. And their replacement is much more expensive than replacing the fuses.


Summarizing the foregoing, it is worth noting thatreplacement of fuses is quite an important operation. After all, on their performance depends on the performance of all systems of the car, which "eat" electricity.

The main cause of fuse failureis a sudden increase in the voltage of the electric current. The fuse is burnt. Fuses are "consumables", they can not be repaired, they are replaced.

rear fuse block for Opel Astra

Visually diagnose the breakdownThe fuse can be over the fuse element: if it is melted, a replacement must be made. But the visual inspection is best confirmed using a tester and an indicator. Some models of fuses can not be simply diagnosed by visual inspection.

Replacement of fuses is carried out only when it is known for which system each fuse is responsible. This information is in the technical documentation for the vehicle.

The fuses are replaced with safety precautions. Their ignoring can lead to a fire in the car or a strong electric shock.

Do not delay with the replacement of burntfuse. The next sudden increase in voltage may result in a short circuit and a fire in the vehicle. The cost of fuses is not particularly high, so do not save on this small, but important enough detail in the electrical system of the vehicle.

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